Can apple trees connect people?

Omena Puisto, which means ‘Apple Park’ in Finnish, was organized to build the new energy between people. The main goal was for activating communication between locals and international students through apple trees.


Helsinki is full of apple smells every autumn. One small table with full of green apples was found near A’s house. The owner of the table picked and organized his apples to share them with neighbours. The workshop came to life to spread out this beautiful story that was unrealistic from the foreigner’s point of view.

A yard full of unused apples due to the excessive amount.
A neighbour kindly picked the unused apples and organised them on the table for other to pick them for free.
A map of free apple spots indicating red and green apples.

Participants got free apples and made sweet apple jams. We also shared the jam with the owner and were told the history of the village and his personal life. We could share not only apples but also warm energies. In the second Omena Puisto workshop were asked to bring two jars – one for them and the other for their friends or neighbours. In this way, this project can be spread and provoke the chain reaction of connecting people.

Omena puisto

This project was created by A for a school project at Aalto University.