“We have five million
different sausage arts in Finland.”
(The population of Finland is about five million.)

Makkara means sausage in Finnish. Finns love sausages. Antti from Lapland said that they have five million – as much as the Finnish population – different sausage arts in Finland. ‘Thank you very makkara’ is an old expression in rural areas in Finland. This project was for gathering residents, sharing enjoyments and creating new possibilities in Tontila community.


Tonttila is a small and calm village in sub-urban city of Lahti in Finland. We have tried to activate the community and the main obstacle was always lack of local people in our workshops. We had numerous great ideas for the community, but it was demanding to share ideas with residents. Therefore, food came in to solve these challenges.

100 sausages were supported by Chef Watkin's, a Finnish meat factory.

About 100 free sausages were served to random people, and then they cut their sausages in different ways. While grilling the sausages together, we were sharing ideas from the previous project regarding on how to activate the community. It was full of vibrant energies on boring Tuesday afternoon in the very small, calm village. Several participants wanted to create something for the village.

Makkara art

This project was created by A in collaboration with several students at Aalto University and supported by Chef Wotkin’s, a Finnish meat factory in Helsinki.