Roam over the city and

say ‘hei’ to our local friends

Hei, Helsinki is a city travel guide that introduces the local people’s ways of enjoying Helsinki. We interviewed 25 people we encountered in the 18 places chosen for the book within walking distance around the city centre. Originated from ‘Lost June’, A’s earlier map project, the book features the rough maps hand-drawn by the people on the spot to visualise how they see their city as a living place.

Hei, people!

Sanna and her dog, Candy at the Rock Church.
Veikko in the Helsinki Cathedral.
Antti in Töölö area.
Pasi near the Uspenski Cathedral.
Elina in Suomenlinna.
Sirkka at the market square.

Hei, Helsinki

Hei, Helsinki is available in Korean only. An updated version is coming this year.