Hyvää ruokahalua!

Enjoying Korean food in Finnish ways

Bap is the first Korean cookbook in Finnish, published by Embassy of the Republic of Korea to Finland. The cookbook introduces 22 basic Korean recipes through stories of Korean culture and important events of life, such as birth, marriage and death.

To describe Korean food culture to Finns more competently, photos were combined Korean food with typical Finnish items; birch branches, grilled sausages, blueberries, firewood and a foraging tool. The recipes consist of familiar and purchasable ingredients in Finland.

Health: Chicken soup and birch tree for sauna.
Food for cure: porridge and blueberries.
Birth: Seaweed soup and helping hands.
Stored objects for winter: Kimchi and firewood.
Marriage: Noodle soup and pure white fabric.

Bap – Korean Cookbook

AÄÅ was closely involved in art direction, layout design, illustration and food styling throughout the process. Six Koreans, who have lived in Finland for several years, have collaborated for the book. 2000 copies have been distributed for free in Finland and E-book is available here.

Hyvää ruokahalua!

Project manager: Sangwon Ryu
Writer: Heeyoung Han
Photographer: Jaeseong Park