A place where to cultivate ideas and
harvest fun through food

A Lot is a Korean pop-up cafe which was open in Helsinki for eight Sundays. Its name means a small piece of ground where we would like to seed inspirations, cultivate ideas, and harvest fun with people through food experience. As a research regarding social food, we served Korean tea, dessert, and meal of the day under the main concept of a piece of lot.

Ingredients-driven visual for oriental chicken porridge menu.
Vegetable bibimbap.
Rice cake soup with dumplings.
Korean earthy tea.

Visualizing tastes and the concept of a lot
into food expereience

A piece of 0,0025 m2 of green lot.
Soft earth balls: Stronger and deeper taste depending on the brightness of colours.
A LOT dessert trio: Stronger and deeper taste depending on the sharpness of shapes.
A LOT Trio is our tea tasting menu which you can start from a seed (cassia seed), continue with a root (solomon's seal) and finish with a grain (roasted barley). This way, we may be able to feel, taste, and thoroughly understand the course of nature.
Visual feedback from a customer.
Randomly provided seeds to customers as a reminder of the experience at A Lot on the last day.

A Lot Cafe

A Lot Cafe had been operated through a Facebook page.