We design experience
that can be eaten.

Food design

Food design that we aim is not about the appearance of food on a plate, but we focus instead on the relationship between food and human beings in a broadened perspective. We choose the most relevant approaches according to the aspect you want to explore within the matrix of the food domain. The project/your idea will culminate in a variety of design outcomes ranging from creative direction to food experience design.

Who we are

AÄÅ design studio founded by three designers from different fields – graphic, food, and community design. The name symbolizes each member’s islands. Three different letters A, Ä and Å are mainly used in Nordic countries where our exploration takes place.

As individual islands A, Ä and Å became a design collective AÄÅ. we support a great value of community which consists of unique individuals. We utilise food as a design tool for creative inspirations to our everyday lives and co-create meanings to improve our relationship with food.

What we do

Design strategy

Creative direction
Concept development
Brand identity

Print & Image



Food product
Food event
Food workshop